We offer sprinkler systems for new or existing landscapes. With all of our irrigation systems we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee and a one year parts and labor warranty. We are confident that you will not have any dry spots in your lawn due to incomplete coverage, and if you do, we will fix the problem. Remember that cutting corners on sprinklers will eventually be the most obvious mistake made in the landscape. Improperly watered plants and lawn never lie.

At Canyon Landscaping, we also specialize in combining secondary and culinary water systems for the needs of local customers who have access to secondary water most or all of the watering year. This service has been extremely cost effective for the customer due to high  culinary water prices. It has also saved the local communities a lot of our culinary water during a time when water conservation is so vital.


-Steel Edging: Metal edges conform more to design aesthetics than concrete. They are less noticeable and are arguably, more effective. Steel edging, 4” deep, is more effective keeping grass from moving into planters.

-Cement Curbing: All sorts of styles and colors are available through Canyon Landscaping. Cement curbing can act as a great border for those wanting the look of a modern landscape. We particularly like the block style of the curb because it can be set down in the dirt further acting as a more efficient deterrent for grass roots trying to invade a planting bed. Also the block style does not look as dominant in the landscape. 


We can prepare any landscape for either sod or seed. Canyon landscaping works with a local sod farm to ensure that the turf you get in your landscape is fertilized and disease free. Our crews lay the sod with the guarantee of success if watered by a sprinkler system we put in.

Broadcast or hydro-seeding also comes with a success guarantee that the seed will take and if not it will be re-seeded for free.

Many customers are concerned about which lawn is a better end product. Experience tells us that either a seed or sod lawn can be a fantastic end product when maintained properly. We recommend sod for busy bodies and seed for green thumb home owners with patience.


No landscape is complete without trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plants add style, beauty, and color to your home, patio, garden, and entire landscape. They also compliment your house and can give an inviting feeling to a cold entry way. We also like to use plants to soften walls, fences, and other structures. We are able to plant your design or provide a planting design custom to your landscape.

Rock/Bark Mulch

Decorative rock and/or bark mulch products are a great way to add decor and help reduce weed maintenance in a landscape. Several types of bark products are available and typically give a natural feel. Soil prep and shredded mulch are our most popular. Stained mulch has become more popular for holding color longer, but bark mulch should ideally be refreshed every 2-3 years.

Rock in planter beds has become more popular in recent years. Rock treatments are extremely low maintenance. It does not blow away, fade in color, or need to be replaced.

One popular design element is to combine the use of both of these types of mulch treatments in the landscape.

Garden Boxes

Raised and tiered garden boxes add definition, design, and function into the landscape. Landscape timbers are great for creating a garden space and can often be used simultaneously to retain or provide a needed edge in the landscape. Many customers prefer the box raised so gardening can ease the pressure on the back and be done more comfortably.


Changing a landscape can come about through several means. Sometimes the homeowner couldn’t afford an extensive landscape when they built or bought the house and now want to add something they always wanted. Other times people love the home they just bought, but can’t stand the landscape requiring a complete remodel. In any case, Canyon Landscaping is prepared to handle your renovation.

Because we are experienced in so many areas we are capable of completing both large and small renovation projects in the landscape. We can consult you on what would be the most effective additions considering the scope of the existing landscape combined with your end goals.

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