Grading, Top Soil, & Site Work

  • We provide grading, top soil, and site preparation. On large area landscapes we can recommend or work with local backhoe and grader operators. Tilling services are also available if necessary to prep the landscape.

Retaining Walls

  • Boulder Walls: We build up to 6’ boulder walls with 2’-4’ boulders. These are great for retaining or simply terracing in order to create more usable space in the landscape.
  • Cobble Walls: Cobble walls are a great way to retain small terraces particularly in gardens. Added with some perennials you can have your own English garden in your back yard.

  • Block Walls: Celtic, Versalok, and Rampart block walls can add structure and function to an entrance or patio, or can create pathways through gardens. They also add a decorative fashion rather than the blah of concrete. Go to to find out more about the block products available for your landscape.

Decorative Steps

  • Decorative steps add function for travel within the landscape, but also can add design elements to fit the landscape. Natural or cut flagstone slabs create a natural look, while Celtic steps can create a formal entry and up-scale feel. Timber steps offer a rustic look and are a great replacement for traditional rail road ties.

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