A well designed and installed landscape lighting system can do several good things for a homeowner. Besides increasing your property value, a lighting system can act as a security feature and create special effects in the landscape. You can also emphasize architectural highlights of your home with landscape lights.

Too often lighting companies want to add too much light. We understand that a lighting system should be installed to handle growth with the landscape. Therefore, our philosophy with landscape lighting is, “less if often more”.

We design and install lighting systems that can be added to as the landscape matures, rather than having too much light in the beginning, which looks tacky and overdone. By designing a system in this manner, the lights do not become the focal point over the landscape.

L.E.D. lighting systems are now the wave of the future and we recommend them to customers to save on their power bill and maintenance costs, plus they are environmentally friendly. We offer several brands of landscape lights in order to ensure that you get the style and color of fixture that you want. Our most popular brand is Kichler. We can create a system for you that will highlight unique areas of your landscape and makes spaces usable at night.