_DSC9329-revisedCanyon Landscaping has been providing full landscape installation for residential and commercial projects since 1999 and is a
leader in integrity, quality, and value throughout the northern Utah region.

We are properly licensed and insured as a landscape contracting company with the State of Utah.  The goal of Canyon Landscaping is to be the leader in its market by creating value through professionalism.

Our equation is simple: Don’t act like most other contractors.  As simple as it seems we have been able to build a foundation of success since 1999 by living up to our professional priorities and acting with integrity.

Professional Priorities

Our 5 professional priorities allow us to provide the best “value” for customers when comparing to our competitors.

Professional Priorities = Value
1) Timely completion of projects
2) Responsiveness to customer
3) Accurate quality work
4) Integrity through honesty and dependability
5) Competitive pricing

Professional Bid Process

When done right, bidding becomes a development process. Our expertise is built around learning the needs of the customer and then helping the customer understand what means what and how to correctly compare apples to apples when bidding.

We believe the most successful projects are built around an open discussion of what the budget is so the most effective design and materials can be used to build value for the customer. Our knowledge and experience allows us to work with any budget to identify priorities of the project and maximize the customer’s dollar. We encourage, at minimum, a basic concept design in order to bid and can provide complete design or bid off a plan from another designer/architect.

Many customers have a concept in their mind or scratched on a paper.  Our bid service includes showing these ideas professionally on paper.

Starting with the bid process, we return phone calls, set schedules and appointments, and arrive as scheduled. It sounds silly to say, but we have built a business around common sense professionalism.