In 1999 Canyon Landscaping began providing landscape solutions and service for landscape design, installation, upgrades, and maintenance.  Over a decade later, we continue to take pride in; being professional, quality work, acting with integrity, and providing value.  We appreciate your time in allowing us to introduce what maintenance solutions we can provide and why we are different. 

Maintenance Services:

  • Spring/Fall clean-up and trimming
  • Irrigation service and repair
  • Fertigation – (Fertilizing through sprinklers)
  • Mulch/Material refreshment
  •  Mowing, trimming, and blowing
  •  Landscape enhancements, repairs, and annual flower plantings
  •  Lawn Leveling 

Why Canyon Landscaping is Different:

  •  Turn key customized service programs
  • Dedicated technician program
  • As needed services with prompt response
  • More than a mowing service that attempts other maintenance
  • Collaboration with your mower to maintain plantings and irrigation 

Creating great curb appeal can be challenging with mowers who don’t have the desire or required experience to effectively maintain property planting beds, irrigation systems, and other needs of the landscape.  Canyon Landscaping specializes in maintaining the complete landscape and is flexible in its ability to meet your needs. 

Our professionalism and performance can create the curb appeal you need and want.  With our dedicated technician program you are assured prompt response and we fill the gap that exists in your between the mowing and everything else in your landscape.  

Call Canyon Landscaping today for a free estimate and take the worry and pain out of your landscape maintenance program.