A good design is critical to the success of an amazing landscape.  Design is the bridge connecting creativity and reality.  Whether a design comes from someone else or with our internal designers we promise to not fall in love with a design that you don’t love.  “Designer’s Box”, as we call it, is a critical mistake in designing that many landscape designers and companies miss.  They will become too in love with an idea for a project, or a certain flavor (design style), that they don’t deliver what the customer really told them they want.  As a result many clients we meet with have had negative landscape design experiences in the past.  Our first rule of design is not to put ourselves in the box by falling in love with our own ideas.  We promise to work towards your priorities and use our experience to meet your primary objectives while maintaining something that looks good.  Ultimately this is the purpose of design… to simply make things look good.


Canyon Landscaping offers landscape design in several formats. Customers often think that a plan is not necessary if they have a vision in their mind, but after we ask them if they built their dream home without a plan, the need becomes clear. A scaled landscape plan helps to create apples to apples bidding and accountability between the contractor and home owner.  A thorough design process also reduces changes which saves time, hassle, and most importantly money.

Concept Plan – A concept plan is required to generate an accurate estimate.  This plan type defines specific areas as lawn, planters, retaining, and more.  Customers should expect to pay $200 – $1,000 depending on size of property and work required by the designer (ie. site measuring vs. electronic plot plan).  This service

Complete Design – A complete design is where the details of a design come into place. Shrub and tree placement, specific material call outs, and other final details are provided during this process.

Outdoor Living Plan – Planning for Outdoor Living is essential to enhance and put the finishing touches on your landscape. Landscape lighting for example is more than simply placing lights randomly throughout the landscape. Many elements in an outdoor living setting need to be properly planned and coordinated to get the desired effect.


We view a budget as an opportunity, not a restriction.  Our design and bid process is centered on mixing sensibility and budget to help you  get the most out of your money without compromising quality.  Designing with value in mind allows for the project priorities to become the focus rather than something unrealistic or out of reach.  Our goal is to have the majority of final project decisions made through the design and estimating process before work proceeds.  This approach allows focus on building the project to the expectations defined on the plan.  This approach allows for successfully “phasing” projects over multiple seasons, if necessary, without spending money twice.


The majority of all projects by Canyon Landscaping will have scaled landscape construction plans for our crews.  While most landscaper’s go out and “wing it” on site with irrigation, grading, and other details, we have learned the importance of prepared irrigation, site, and other detail plans for clear communication, accuracy, and increased quality in the build phase.  Customer’s are provided with electronic copies of the project when finished for their records.